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My company has retained Michael Van Dyke on two occasions. The first occasion was to train our employees how to use one of Michael's exercises for a government sponsored project. The second occasion was to provide team-building and communication exercises for a new organizational structure within the company. In both instances Michael exceeded our expectations. He certainly was well prepared and organized and his exercises are fun, but most importantly he was able to deftly tie the significance of his activities and exercises to the needs of the project, in the first case, or the organization in the second. Van Dyke is extraordinarily good at what he does and he makes each session enjoyable for the participants. We certainly will use him again.

Frederick A. Rothe, Ph.D.
You continually help my business by providing me objective counsel, patient guidance, and positive support. You have a gift for understanding the abstract visions I have for my business and providing a label or definition for them. Your wisdom and insight help me to see solutions to business issues that I overlook during day-to-day busy-ness!

Each meeting leaves me less stressed and more energized!

While the mental and emotional benefits are wonderful, you might be thinking, “Business is about making money…so what are the financial benefits?” Let me share with you my progress. In the year I have worked with Michael, his advice has helped me to triple my business’ gross income. My business will hit the six figure mark this year, before completing my third year of business! Even more amazing, the business has acquired assets, is debt-free, and now employs 4 part-time employees.

I have Michael & Serengeti Enterprises to thank for my business’ phenomenal growth …and my sanity!
Teresa Hagaman, owner
TAH-DA! Staging
I contracted with Michael Van Dyke to help coach my loan officers. I needed them to increase production and communicate better with their respective teams. I knew this was a process and allowed for 3-4 months of coaching before expecting results. Michael worked with the teams first to get communication stronger amongst them. This dialogue allowed for a free flow of ideas that were usually suppressed. This also opened their eyes to a realization the team didn’t know how to work together. That issue had to be coached. From there, it was regular coaching with accountability. The end result was a dramatic improvement in production and profit. The teams actually found they liked each other once they learned how to work together. It did take the full 3- 4 months but the results were undeniable.

Alan Henderson
Branch Manager
When I first started working with Michael Van Dyke I felt stuck…unable to make any decisions with regard to my work life. I felt depressed and frustrated that I was having such difficulty moving forward in my career. Through our bi-monthly discussions Michael helped me to examine what was really important to me. My homework assignments were well worth their weight in gold because they helped me to gain a better understanding of what I had control over and what I didn’t. I felt empowered by this discovery and as a result, I have been able to, once again, work toward a career goal and achieve mobility. I now feel like my work life is back on track and I no longer feel stuck. Michael gave me the vital tools I needed to move forward. He is a skilled coach and a gifted counselor.

Karen Archer
Coaching client

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