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Whether your team is large or small in number, cultivating excellent working relationships is the key to the higher productivity demonstrated by effective teamwork. In order to reach effective team behavior, your organization must acknowledge the current state of your business environment and define how your team can best interact with each other.

Effective teamwork requires good faith effort from all members in the basic behavior characteristics of a team: listening, contributing ideas, collaborating, decision-making, cooperating, and helping others. These characteristics are the basis for more complex behaviors such as trusting others and respect for the part each team member plays in completing organizational mission tasks or projects.

Many people take for granted that employees, both those just starting and those with years of experience, know how to practice these socially based skills. Results from a 1997 survey by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) indicates people who work in teams need instruction and practice to keep their team-related skills sharp. It is too easy to get focused on technical tasks and deadlines and "forget" how to work well with others.

Serengeti Enterprises can provide your organization with a team building plan customized to meet the particular business needs of your industry. As a preliminary step, Serengeti Enterprises will assess the current status of your team through observation of and discussion with team members. The client will review the results of the assessment to set goals for improving team behaviors. Once the goals are clear, Serengeti Enterprises will then design a plan to help your team meet them. Serengeti Enterprises will implement or coordinate delivery of the components of your team’s plan and assess the progress toward the team goals.

Research has shown that positive results from experiential training diminish over time. After about three months, groups that had a refresher program, even one short initiative retained their positive results. Even a reminder of the shared experience, like reviewing the important lessons from the program, help extend those positive results. The program plants the seeds of effective behavior. Without occasional watering (follow-up), the seeds fail to grow into plants that bear fruit. Serengeti Enterprises is committed to the principle of follow up. An electronic follow up (either phone or email) is included as part of each Team Development program. More extensive follow up can be contracted at the time of the initial program.

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