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Your and your staff members can get a new perspective on your business, on your team process, or on specific business issues by leaving the office environment.  Any of the Outdoor Adventures can used as individual renewal events in your business calendar or as part of a training plan to invigorate your team or organization. 

In the Orienteering Activity, participants learn to use map and compass to navigate their way to higher profitability. 

Field Initiatives are short activities that challenge the mental and physical capabilities of the participants to solve problems as a cooperative team.   

You can increase the level of physical challenge while maintaining strong educational content and teambuilding focus.  These following outdoor challenge are provided by third-party vendors coordinated by Serengeti Enterprises:

Low Rope Course activities also challenge the group to work as a team to complete a task, but raise the bar of perceived risk by lifting the activities 18 inches off the ground. 

High Ropes Courses provide more of an individual challenge in a group setting as participants complete tasks 12 to 20 feet above the ground.  Completely safe, the group learns to trust each other to support communicated needs and provide individual assistance for the good of the whole team effort.

Rocking Climbing
White Water Rafting
For even greater challenges, email or call to discuss about rock climbing or white water rafting as team building activities.  These intense activities are best used as part of an overall training plan, building up to this level of challenge.  While everyone on the team will have a similar experience, the number of people working directly with each other is limited.

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