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Is your organizational structure getting in the way of completing projects? When your current organizational structure no longer fits your business mission, the structure needs to change. When the business environment shifts, your company may need to reposition itself in the market. Your business plan may require the number of employees to grow or shrink. Your company may be looking at itself to find ways to improve basic business processes. You can change your organizational structure to better meet your business mission, to better match processes to resources, or to maximize task efficiency.

Before making any change, it is important to explore your options. Serengeti Enterprises can provide guidance with the analysis of your current situation and help develop options for revitalizing organizational relationships. Once the new structure is identified, Serengeti Enterprises can assist with the implementation of the new organizational design.

Analysis of the current situation includes assessments to identify which of your business processes are working well and which are ineffective. Through written surveys, observation, and discussion with the stakeholders, Serengeti Enterprises provides a context of how different parts of the organization work within the whole entity. The assessments give the client valuable information with which to define or refine the goals or desired outcome of reorganization.

Because it is sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees, Serengeti Enterprises can facilitate the process of envisioning the future by bringing an outside perspective to brainstorming sessions. Based on the assessment of the current situation and a variety of "best practices," multiple options for restructuring can be mapped and reviewed for effectiveness. The client always makes the final decision about the future structure from the generated options.

Implementing organizational change is not as simple as circulating a new "org chart." People react to any change in different ways. The workers may need assistance accepting the new systems. Serengeti Enterprises will help the client plan and present the new organizational structure to minimize resistance and maximize buy-in from staff members.

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