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There are literally hundreds of initiatives (physical and mental challenges) to focus your team or organization on effective workplace behavior. These activities require open flat space and some simple props to help people observe how their own behavior interacts with others. Because none of these tasks relate to a specific industry, but require effective work behavior to complete successfully, participants readily engage in solving the problem. This creates a setting in which they can observe their own work behavior and the behavior of others. The Serengeti Enterprises facilitator highlights effective work team behaviors as the group discusses each initiative during the debrief that occurs after the activity is completed. Each initiative becomes a learning laboratory in which participants can practice new effective behaviors, replacing previous, ineffective habits. Through practice, the effective behaviors become new habits, which participants bring with them back to the work environment.

Field initiatives are easy to incorporate into a retreat setting or as part of a business meeting that has open lawn space near by. The props required for the field initiatives are small enough to fit in an automobile, which means the field initiatives can also come to your work site. This can reduce the amount of time your employees are away from the office and still get the benefit of outdoor team building.

The field initiatives range in length from 30 minutes to 2 hours, always ending with a debriefing session to reflect on and capture lessons that apply directly to the workplace. Several shorter activities can be combined in sequence to meet a half-day or full day training requirement.

The initiatives can focus on behavior in one or several of the following areas:

Articulating a common goal
Communications: Listening
Communication: Forming messages
Conflict resolution
Ethics in the workplace
Finding alternatives in planning
Planning for change
Problem solving
Strategic planning
Supportive teamwork
Team coordination
Working as one team

Initiatives can be custom designed to meet your company’s needs.
Please call (703) 850-1951 to discuss specific issues or needs.

Field Initiatives are ability-friendly. If team members have special physical needs, many of the initiatives can modified to insure the whole group can participate equally.

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