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Individual and team coaching represents an opportunity for you to create more effective work habits or life habits. The two actually go hand-in-hand. Whether you want to increase your ability to interact more effectively with others or with yourself, or feel more confident giving performance feedback to your direct reports, a coach can assist you in setting and meeting your goals.

Ontological coaching views each person as an observer/participant of the world in which he or she lives. There are three inter-related areas or domains that give rise to the world as an individual sees it: language, body disposition, and emotion. As much as we might like to think these domains are separate, they are completely interlinked. The perceived "self" was created by choices the individual made, or by the happenstance of the experience of living. The story or narrative that an individual makes up to give meaning to that experience determines for him/her how to think and speak, how to hold the body and face, and how to handle emotions in public, and in private. Ontological coaching looks at these three domains to examine how this individual "self" has created this person’s view. Through ontological coaching, using those same three domains, the client or coachee identifies the changes he/she desires to live life more fully.

Coaching is different from psychological counseling in two important ways. First of all, my coaching starts with the premise that you are fine the way you are – there is nothing wrong with you. You can choose to transform yourself, with the help of a coach. Secondly, coaching assists you to design a new "self" by introducing changes you want and supports you in your transformation. Psychology tends to focus on preserving the current "self" and optimizing those traits. Ontological coaching opens the possibility to innovation, change, and transformation to the "self" you wish to be.

Discontent with your current situation, a desire to be respond differently, or feeling stuck in a repeating pattern are all symptoms of your readiness to transform yourself through coaching. In the coaching relationship, you are the goal setter. You are the visionary. You are in charge of the process of your own self-improvement. As your coach, I observe and question, reflect and suggest, and hold you accountable to the goals you set.


We can work together in several ways. Our coaching sessions can be in person or by telephone, with you as an individual or as part of a team. We can focus on work-related goals or personal goals. My experience with clients suggests that both areas relate to and affect one another. We will start our coaching conversation where you wish to begin it and follow the thread of your transformational goals.

For a free 15-minute introductory session about coaching, please call (703) 850-1951 so we can schedule a mutually convenient time to have a conversation.


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