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Trust-Motivated Environments create a sense of partnership, engaging the hearts and minds of all the stakeholders in a business, encouraging innovation, camaraderie, and shared success.


Trust-Motivated Environments go beyond traditional “win-win” thinking to create a four-fold win:

  • More job satisfaction to the employee

  • More effective and efficient workflow for management

  • A better product or service for the customer

  • Increased revenue and reputation for the company


What exactly is trust?  Trust is an emotional opinion other people hold of you.  You cannot directly ‘make’ anyone trust you.  The best you can do is to give them the opportunity to observe you as trustworthy.  Trust is cultivated by matching your language with your actions –“walking your talk” – in all your interactions on the job.


In an environment that is motivated by trust, clients and employees are respected for their skills and abilities.    The underlying assumption is, that as long as the tasks and goals are clear, people are giving their best.  Unfortunately, many of us have come to accept fear-based environments as the norm:  Characterized by rules and punishments, morale fades and commitment to the organizational goals is reduced to ducking for cover to avoid trouble.


Trust-Motivated Environments deliver several significant benefits:

  • Promote accountability by clearly defining outcomes, then giving freedom to accomplish tasks

  • Use the skills, talents, ideas, and experience of all staff members

  • Recognize the importance of each role and the responsibilities associated with that role

  • Create proactive performance planning and rewards systems


Serengeti Enterprises helps individuals and organizations transition from fear-based culture to a trust-motivated environment by analyzing the current situation, fostering understanding of the current situation, and assisting with creation and implementation of the new culture.



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