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Why name a communications and team-focused organization after a place in Africa?

The interconnected environment of the Serengeti Plain mirrors today's volatile business environment.

The Serengeti Plain, lying west of the Great Rift Valley in Africa has served as home to myriads of interdependent species for thousands of years. It is the place of origin of the earliest human, Lucy. It is bordered by Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile River, which nourished one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, the Egyptian civilization. It is overlooked by Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak and home of ancient peoples’ gods. And it holds the first wildlife management preserve in Africa, specifically to protect the King of Beasts, the lion.

Business teams, like this sturdy old tree, must be able to weather all conditions.

This landscape, not unlike today’s business environment, holds the promise of abundance for its inhabitants. The plants and animals of the Serengeti depend on one another for life. In the corporate world, this interdependency is reflected in the relationship between clients, vendors and business organizations. In the wild, the inhabitants of the Serengeti are subject to the whims of nature and must adapt or cease to exist. Similarly, business teams must learn to adapt quickly to changes in their economic environment or perish. Unlike in the wild, the means for both survival and success in today’s shifting corporate world are intelligent collaboration, effective communication and strategic planning.

Collaborative teams are comprised of individuals who must move together to be effective.Serengeti, the plain and the organization, is a place of and for new beginnings. It is a place and a concept for limitless potential for individuals and groups; a place and a concept rich with renewable resources springing from the interpersonal interaction of all involved. The foundation of Serengeti Enterprises, like the plain, was created from multiple layers of diverse structural perspectives. It focuses, and thrives, on the contribution of each individual as a collaborative team is created.

Using innovative perspectives and sound management practices, Serengeti Enterprises assists corporate organizations grow in today’s business environment.

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